Transport Psychology

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Transport Psychology

DTU Management - Transport Division - Research - Transport Psychology Section

We study behavior in traffic to support safe and sustainable transport.

Each day people make decisions on how to move from a to b. We investigate how people behave in traffic, which modes of transport are chosen, how they are used, by whom and why.

In the Transport Psychology Section, we contribute to research-based knowledge that supports the development of safe and environmentally friendly transport for all. We conduct research on transport behaviour with a focus on the interaction between the individual and social environment and uncover the effect of risk perception, attitudes and norms on human transport behaviour. 

Our research is rooted in cognitive, behavioral and social psychology and encompasses a wide range of topics, such as the use of new transport modes and digitalized mobility services, as well as their implications on transport behaviour, traffic safety and the environment. We investigate risk behaviour, identify risk groups and develop and evaluate solutions to promote safe and environmentally friendly transport behaviour. In addition, we include road users' social and cultural context as a basis for understanding and changing relevant aspects of their transport behavior, including related habits, attitudes and norms.

If you are interested in a partnership or opportunities to collaborate with us, contact our Head of Section here.

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