Sonja Haustein

Research goals and interests:

My research aims at understanding and predicting individual transport related choices and thereby providing the basis for interventions that facilitate greener, safer, and more inclusive transport. As predictors, I focus on psychological factors, such as attitudes, norms, and perceived barriers, while controlling for the effects of socio-demographic and infrastructural factors. My models and interventions are based on behavioural theories, such as the Theory of Planned Behaviour, the Norm-Activation Model or the Transtheoretical Model of Behaviour Change.


Focus areas:

  • Mobility culture and travel socialisation
  • Behavioural and environmental effects of new transport forms (e.g. e-bikes, automated vehicles, electric vehicles, car-sharing)
  • Attitude based-segmentation
  • Older people’s mobility and safety


Recent projects:

  • RELAX – REduce the Level of road Anger eXpression (Trygfonden, 2018-2020)
  • GREAT – Green REgion for Alternative fuels for Transport (EC, 2016-2020)
  • Effekt- og brugerundersøgelse af e-bybiler i Region Hovedstaden: DriveNow operated by Arriva (Arriva & Region Hovedstaden, 2016-2019)
  • ”Danmark cykler sammen” – Effektevaluering af kampagnen (Kræftens Bekæmpelse, 2016-2018)


Selected publications:

  • Haustein, Kroesen & Mulalic (2019). Cycling culture and socialisation: modelling the effect of immigrant origin on cycling in Denmark and the Netherlands. Transportation,
  • Nielsen, T. A., & Haustein, S. (2019). Behavioural effects of a health-related cycling campaign in Denmark. Journal of Transport & Health, 12, 152-163.
  • Nielsen & Haustein (2018). On sceptics and enthusiasts: What are the expectations towards self-driving cars? Transport Policy, 66, 49-55.
  • Haustein & Jensen (2018). Factors of electric vehicle adoption: A comparison of conventional and electric car users based on an extended theory of planned behavior. Int. Journal of Sustainable Transportation, 12, 484-496.
  • Haustein & Nielsen (2016). European Mobility Cultures: A survey-based cluster analysis across 28 European countries. Journal of Transport Geogr., 54, 173-180.
  • Thorhauge, Haustein & Cherchi (2016). Accounting for the Theory of Planned Behaviour in departure time choice. Transportation Research Part F, 38, 94-105.
  • Haustein & Siren (2015). Older people's mobility: segments, factors, trends. Transport Reviews, 35, 466-487.



Sonja Haustein
Senior Researcher
DTU Management
+45 45 25 65 19