Network and Route Choice

Network and Route Choice

DTU Management - Transport Division - Research - Network and Route Choice Section

We predict network flows, congestion and travelers route choice.

Infrastructure projects are very expensive and affect numerous travelers every day. In addition, transport systems are used by travelers who make rational or irrational choices in complex multimodal networks, which are constantly changing. For that reason decision-making must be based on advanced research that can handle a high level of complexity.

The Network and Route Choice Section focuses on (i) modelling of the interaction between travelers and the infrastructure (e.g. modelling congestion), (ii) preferences of travelers through networks (e.g. the effect of congestion on route selection), and (iii) design of efficient transport systems. Common to all topics is a combined focus across modes of transport, including bicycle, car and public transport.

The section applies and develops statistical, economic and mathematical models, including large-scale models used in practice.

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